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IOG Digital Governance Webinar Series

State of Digital Government

September 11, 2020In Ottawa, ON

Efforts by governments around the world to embrace the technologies and methods of the modern digital era have gained momentum in recent years. Rapid advancements in the technology sector have dramatically changed citizen expectations that...

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IOG Digital Governance Webinar Series

Governing the Ethics of AI

September 23, 2020In Ottawa, ON

Technology is moving fast, and governments are being forced to deal with challenging ethical issues as a result. Artificial intelligence, big data, and the increasing use of digital service delivery methods are all opening up radical new...

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IOG Digital Governance Webinar Series

Modernizing procurement for the digital era

October 22, 2020In Ottawa, ON

Many of the processes and policies that governments are working with today were developed in the pre-internet era. The move towards more agile and user-centric ways of developing and delivering services requires a different approach...

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IOG Digital Governance Webinar Series

Rethinking HR to enable a truly digital government

November 19, 2020In Ottawa, ON

Digital era organizations live or die based on their ability to attract and retain the right types of talent. Yet in this dynamic and competitive environment many of our public sector HR processes and approaches are still very much rooted...

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