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IOG's Policy Crunch : Disruption and Convergence in Public Policy and Governance

Policy Crunch: First Nations Institutions and New Federal Machinery of Government

February 11, 2020In Ottawa, ON

What is the status of First Nations-led institutional development? What challenges are faced by existing First Nations institutions, and what opportunities exist for the creation of new institutions? How could new federal-First...

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Policy Crunch: Navigating the "wild west" of the internet from social media to digital governance

March 3, 2020In Ottawa, ON

Social media is a popular tool for sharing news, information and ideas, and for friends and family to stay in touch.   Social media also has a 'dark side’: fake news, micro targeting, internet bots and trolls, and hate speech....

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Driving Dialogue and Debate on Divisive Issues

March 31, 2020In Ottawa, ON

Debate on issues critical to Canada has become polarized, leading to ‘wedge solutions’ and difficulty reaching shared agreement.  This is a challenge for the government and the public service as they try to find answers to complex...

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