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Dialogue and Debate: Immigration

April 28, 2020In Ottawa, ON

Context Sixty-three per cent of respondents to a recent Leger poll said the country is reaching the limits of its ability to integrate new immigrants. They think that limiting immigration levels should be a priority.  The case for...

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Dialogue and Debate: Balancing the Environment and the Economy

May 26, 2020In Ottawa, ON

Context The Trudeau government has indicated that dealing with climate change is a priority.  It is the first national government to try to institutionalize a commitment to balance economic development (oil and gas) while...

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Policy Crunch - Energy Transition: Does a Sweet Spot Exist?

June 2, 2020In Ottawa, ON

In the debate over climate change and energy in Canada, positions can easily be polarized between those who place priority on reducing our domestic emissions of greenhouse gases and those who wish to develop our energy resources...

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Dialogue and Debate: Western Alienation

June 23, 2020In Ottawa, ON

Context Alberta and Saskatchewan are angry at Ottawa; 52% of Albertans and 48% of Saskatchewan residents feel more attached to their province than to Canada. While the Liberals form the government, they no longer hold seats in...

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Dialogue and Debate: Political Divisiveness and a Polarized Electorate

July 21, 2020In Ottawa, ON

Context The Prime Minister has stated that his biggest regret from the election campaign is the growing political tension across the country: “Everything I tried to do in the last four years has been focused on bringing the country...

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