The IOG is dedicated to improving public governance in Canada and around the world

Our experts have extensive experience at senior levels of the public service and of public life. Our courses offer public servants everywhere opportunities to learn and grow. Our research and advisory services drive change and solve problems.

Over our three decades, we have worked with federal, provincial, municipal, and Indigenous governments, and not-for-profit organizations. Our networks have taken us to three dozen countries worldwide, including with recent projects in Iraq, and Botswana. Today, we are focused on the 21st century challenges to good governance that governments and their citizens face.

Public servants at all levels turn to us for assistance in meeting their immediate professional needs, and in getting to the next level of their careers. 

We are also passionate about opportunities to work on the big issues of our time

Our work is marked by independent thought, innovation, collaboration, and excellence. We are uniquely positioned, as a truly independent, public purpose organization, to fill the need for knowledge, research, and advice on good public governance.

We are a registered charitable organization overseen by a Board of Directors.


Our vision is to fuel positive change in Canada and around the world, beginning in spheres of public service, not-for-profit work, and bold projects, ultimately shaping the leaders of tomorrow and through them reaching the millions of citizens who rely on the benefits of good governance.


Our mission is advancing better governance in the public interest. We accomplish this by exploring, developing, and promoting the principles, standards, and practices which underlie 21st century good governance in the public sphere.

What is Governance?

Governance today is more important than ever.

It builds citizen trust in our democratic institutions. It builds social cohesion. It is the foundation for economic growth and stability. It is also founded on the rule of law.

Our Fellows