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Governance Knowledge Hub

The IOG’s Governance Knowledge Hub is both a home for governance research and a place for governance dialogue. It offers a collaborative digital space for public sector governance practitioners, scholars, and thought leaders to think, talk, and write about Canada’s most important governance issues. The Hub serves as both a catalyst and a convener for the creation and publication of new knowledge about governance. It is practical, inclusive, evidence-based, and collaborative in developing and publishing solutions-oriented governance ideas.

The IOG Governance Knowledge Hub facilitates constructive dialogue and original research on matters related to governance in Canada. We aim to demystify governance, making it more transparent, understandable, and accessible to citizens. 

Featured Content


Government Science and Innovation in the New Normal (GSINN) Posted May 1st, 2024

Canada needs a new relationship with government science and innovation that reflects our time.  Our findings are now available. The…


Distrust and Disinformation Posted March 28th, 2024

Distrust in public institutions and disinformation – two aspects of the current Canadian political fabric that are of great concern…


Governance Challenges revealed by COVID-19 Posted March 28th, 2024

The COVID-19 pandemic laid bare a number of fundamental governance challenges with respect to intergovernmental collaboration, public communications, information sharing,…


Collaborative Governance and Accountability Posted March 28th, 2024

Many of the policy challenges we face as a country will not be solved without collaboration from all orders of…


Generational Shift in the Federal Public Service Posted March 28th, 2024

A recent Statistics Canada report showed that, for the first time, millennials now outnumber baby boomers in Canada. This generational…


Case Study: Evaluating Proposed Amendments to Maritime Legislation Posted March 18th, 2024

Summary: The IOG was engaged to provide a governance assessment of proposed amendments to a proposed piece of maritime legislation…


Case Study: Designing Governance Options for Open Banking Implementation Posted March 18th, 2024

Summary: The global economy is rapidly transforming and with those rapid technological changes have come different expectations on the financial…


Case Study: Enhancing Multi-Stakeholder Distributed Governance Posted March 18th, 2024

Summary: The IOG was commissioned by a federal department to undertake a review of one of its Federal-Provincial-Territorial forums for…


Case Study: Governance for Innovation and Research (I&R) Posted March 18th, 2024

Summary: Innovation and research play pivotal roles in fostering economic growth, societal advancement, and competitive advantage. This case study sets…