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3 hours

Collaborating and Managing Up

This course for frontline leaders enhances capabilities in managing relationships with their management and peers. It covers manage you professional relationship with your boss, developing your organizational influence, developing your understanding of the organizational perspective, and handling conflicts with your supervisor and your colleagues. Through exercises, discussions, and case studies, participants will also learn practical briefing skills and meeting management skills.

24 September 2024

3 hours, 01:00 PM EDT - 04:00 PM EDT


  • $390.00 incl. Tax

30 October 2024

3 hours, 01:00 PM EDT - 04:00 PM EDT


  • $390.00 incl. Tax
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Learning Objectives:

By the end of this webinar, participants will:

  • Master strategies to build and maintain positive relationships with supervisors and senior management.
  • Understand your boss' context, perspectives and priorities, and that senior managers, to better meet organizational objectives and increase your influence.
  • Recognize the importance of networking and devise actionable plans to expand their professional networks.
  • Employ advanced communication techniques for effective upward briefing.
  • Develop and refine skills necessary for planning, leading, and contributing to effective meetings.

Course Content:

  1. Building Positive Relationships with Supervisors and Senior Managers:
  • Techniques for establishing collaborative relationships.
  • Adapting communication styles to match both personal and managerial preferences.
  • Conflict management strategies to align team and organizational needs.
  1. Effective Networking and Peer Collaboration:
  • Methods for building and sustaining a network of peers within and outside the organization.
  • Techniques for influencing peers and fostering cross-departmental collaboration without formal authority.
  • Conflict resolution strategies among peers.
  1. Skills development
  • Managing effective meetings
  • Effective briefing skills

Core Skills Developed:

Organizational Integration: Aligning team objectives with corporate priorities to enhance organizational effectiveness.

Resource Optimization: Leveraging team members, time, and other resources efficiently within organizational constraints.

Conflict Management: Effectively managing disagreements within the team and across functional areas.

Strategic Planning: Developing comprehensive work plans that integrate team activities with departmental and organizational goals.

Teaching Methods:

The course employs various interactive and participative teaching methods to facilitate adult learning, including:

  • Interactive Workshops: Participants engage in scenarios that simulate real-life challenges in managing upward and lateral relationships.
  • Role-Playing Exercises: Practical role-playing to practice communication and negotiation skills with senior management and peers.
  • Discussion Groups: Facilitated group discussions to share experiences and strategies for effective collaboration.
  • Case Studies: Analysis of real-world examples to apply concepts learned in practical settings.


3 hours, including short breaks to ensure engagement and effective learning absorption.