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Applied Governance Advice

Executive Governance Advice

We offer practical governance advice for senior public servant executives and their teams engaged in governance changes. We can act as an independent advisor, check, or facilitator on your proposals and processes to help you get to where you want to be. And the IOG can provide private, safe-space governance engagement for public sector executives and their teams on a complex governance issue. Or, as an independent facilitator, we can bring external stakeholders into the room with you to explore solutions.

What does this service entail?

We act as your direct advisor through any or all of the stages of your governance changes. We will offer a practical review by experts of your governance plans or ideas, and help you think through ideas and options, including for implementation.

Who should use this service?

  • Public sector executives and leadership teams involved in governance or policy and program delivery.
  • Corporate secretariats who support internal and external governance structures and processes.
  • Communications, parliamentary, and stakeholder relations units, executives, and managers.

When should this service be used?

  • When new leadership joins or current leadership is reviewing a priority issue.
  • When organizational missions and mandates are adjusted or require realignment.
  • When strategic planning or foresight initiatives or thinking is underway.