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Applied Governance Advice

Science and Innovation Governance

The integration of science and innovation into public sector governance is more important than ever before, in a post-pandemic Canada. We help equip public servants with the innovative tools they need to lead and manage in a governance environment characterized by accelerating, disruptive change. We offer specialized understanding of how science, data, and evidence can inform good public sector governance. And we help scientists, policy developers, and decision makers communicate more effectively with each other.

What does this service entail?

It includes:

  • Mobilizing scientific knowledge and risk assessment for informed decision making.
  • Employing foresight from science for innovative policy development.
  • Advising on governance and regulatory frameworks for science, innovation, and research.
  • Enhancing science communications by organizations and scientists and researchers.
  • Developing best practices for evidence-based decision making and use of data.
  • Improving the leadership, management, and communications skills of scientists and researchers.

Who should use this service?

  • Public sector science and innovation professionals involved in research, governance, or policy and program delivery.
  • Scientists and researchers who engage with senior public sector executives, external stakeholders, or the public.
  • Communications, parliamentary, and stakeholder relations units, executives, and managers involved in science and innovation policy and program research and delivery.

When should this service be used?

  • When there is a need to communicate with the public on important or emerging science issues.
  • When considering more effective ways to integrate scientific data, evidence, and information into policy processes.
  • When seeking ways to incorporate external science and innovation perspectives and goals into government decision making.