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Evaluations and Testimonials

The IOG is committed to your professional development success. As a learning organization ourselves, the IOG rigorously evaluates its programs and courses to keep what we teach relevant to public sector governance today and to the learning experience itself.

Each leadership development program is evaluated numerous times – by you, the participant – after each session and once it is completed.

Each individual course is evaluated by participants once it is completed.

We constantly review and improve our teaching content and methods in response to what learners tell us.

The IOG has received numerous testimonials of appreciation through its evaluations.


“CMHC engaged IOG to discuss providing a customized training path for newer employees. As we discussed our needs, IOG suggested other possible topics to help round out our training that we had yet to consider. In the end, IOG delivered a very robust, well-received curriculum. Working with Francois, Marina, Lynn, and their instructors was a great experience, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.”

– Jennifer Braid, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)


“I am a better public servant from my time spent learning and connecting with my peers in the IOG’s virtual Executive Leadership Program. The program facilitators and IOG staff brought together an incredible learning experience for us while also responding to my and my peers’ needs throughout. The depth of knowledge and experience that the facilitators brought was inspirational. I couldn’t have asked for better facilitators — I was extremely honoured to have had the opportunity to be a part of this program.”

– Cohort 8 Participant, Virtual Executive Leadership Program

“I just want to underline what a great 3 days it has been. Thanks very much for all your work, it has been extremely enriching. I look forward to the next sessions.”

– Cohort 17 Participant, Stepping into the Executive Cadre

“I really enjoyed it – it was a great opportunity to network and get a better understanding from the GC perspective and see how we can lead our organizations as the digital transformation continues. Really inspired me to do some small, incremental changes and start changing the culture within my own teams. It certainly does provide me with a level of comfort and network of resources to whom I am able to reach out to.”

– Cohort 1 Participant, Digital Executive Leadership Program

“I really appreciated the time and energy the instructors put into the course. They were very generous with their time and were wonderful to interact with.”

– Leadership Development Program in Science and Innovation, Cohort 8 Participant

“Fantastic guest speakers which allows us to broaden our understanding and awareness; good facilitators; and the individual one-on-one coaching is also very helpful for specific individual needs.”

– Executive Leadership Programs


“Unrehearsed, straight talk from Senior leaders.”

– Executive Leadership Programs

“The training has given me greater confidence and it has been helpful to meet like-minded individuals who I would otherwise not have had the opportunity to interact with.”

– Executive Leadership Programs