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6 Mandatories and 3 Electives

Certificate in Frontline Leadership

This comprehensive certificate program focuses on practical leadership skills essential for frontline leaders. Through a blend of core and elective courses, participants will gain valuable insights and tools to excel in their roles and drive their teams towards success.

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Magnify your leadership impact with our comprehensive certificate program tailored for supervisors, team leads and managers. Dive into a dynamic curriculum blending essential core content with customizable elective courses. Discover invaluable insights and powerful tools designed to elevate your team's performance to new heights of success.

Delivered virtually as 3-hour webinars with synchronous facilitation , each course is packed with practical insights and tools to help you lead effectively. You can also access our new intensive in-person 2-day bootcamp, allowing you to immerse yourself over two days.

Program Overview

Tailored specifically for supervisors, team leaders and managers, this program offers a dynamic blend of core and elective courses. Here, you'll gain valuable insights and essential tools to excel in your role and drive your team towards success. Unleash the power of leadership with our comprehensive certificate program!

Course Structure

List of courses required to obtain the certificate



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Essential Courses: Participants must complete all core (green) courses, which include foundational leadership training.

Elective Courses: In addition to the core courses, participants need to complete at least three elective (purple) courses.

Courses can be taken individually at your own pace, or as a complete certificate program at a special price and access to the mentorship program. Additionally, you may attend an intensive "bootcamp" where the first four courses are delivered over two days.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Recognize and effectively perform the roles and responsibilities of a frontline leader.
  • Manage your workload, set priorities, have difficult conversations and develop your coaching skills
  • Understand your role in the organization, develop your network of colleague, work effectively with your boss.
  • Lead remote diverse teams, learn the essentials of public sector HR and Finance, handle conflicts and change effectively.
  • Set and achieve realistic personal development goals through structured challenges.

Teaching Methods

We recognize that adult learners have diverse backgrounds and motivations. That's why our program offers a range of engaging methods like interactive lectures, immersive case studies, and lively group discussions. Unlock your full potential in an environment designed for growth and success! 

We take great care in selecting our facilitators, choosing those who excel not only for their experience as managers and executives, but also in their ability to connect with, support and inspire adult learners.


As a registrant to the whole certificate, IOG will put you in touch with a manager currently working in the public service who has agreed and been trained to be a mentor.

Certification and Recognition

Participants who complete all required courses will receive the Certificate in Frontline Leadership. This certificate is a testament to their dedication to professional development and leadership excellence in the public sector. You will participate in a graduation ceremony where you will be recognized.

How it works

You have two options to obtain this certification:

1.  Register to each of the certificate courses one by one, at your own pace. Once you have taken the mandatory and elective courses, please contact us at and we will register you to the graduation ceremony.

2.  Register to the Policy and Governance Learning Certificate by clicking the registration button above. Once confirmation of payment is received, you will be able to register to individual course at a price of $0.00 (free of charge). You may register to each course at your own pace and access our client portal to manage your registrations.

Certificate Requirements

Essential Courses

To be eligible for this certificate, you must complete each of the following mandatory courses (3h webinars). We recommend that you take them in the following order:


If you prefer an in-person experience, you may want to consider the Bootcamp (2 days) which covers the 4 first courses

Elective Courses

To complete the certificate, you must also complete 3 elective courses amongst the following (3h webinars)

Program Sequence

While there are no formal prerequisites for each course, we highly recommend that you consider taking the essential courses in sequence. This background knowledge you will gain from each course will greatly enhance your learning experience for the following course. Please be aware that the instructor may not revisit these earlier topics in order to allocate ample time for the current material.

Register for the certificate here, then register for each of the courses at your own pace.

  • $2,950.00 incl. Tax