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Applied Governance Advice

Organizational Assessment, Alignment, and Performance

We undertake a diagnostic assessment of an organization’s governance as it relates to performance and alignment with its mission and mandate. The assessment considers internal governance structures and processes including decision-making committees, terms of references, secretariat support, internal communications, governance culture, and alignment with the organization’s mandate and mission. We take into account perspectives from all key internal, regional, and external partners and stakeholders.

What does this service entail?

We use best practice assessments drawn from comparable organizations and undertake internal staff surveys, guided interviews with executive or management teams, and lead focus group conversations to carefully diagnose and draw out the key governance issues and goals. Working with your team, we then devise fit-for-purpose governance solutions. We will write a report to your specifications on what’s needed to improve organizational governance and offer an implementation plan to get you there.

Who should use this service?

  • Departments, agencies, and Crowns with governance obligations.
  • Public sector executives and leadership teams involved in governance.
  • Corporate secretariats who support internal governance structures and processes.

When should this service be used?

  • When new leadership joins or current leadership wants to refresh.
  • When organizational performance needs to be enhanced.
  • When organizational missions and mandates are adjusted or require realignment.