Explore and practice skills and tips on how your oral briefs can support your senior decision-makers.

Live online events

3 hours, 01:00 PM EDT - 04:00 PM EDT


  • $390.00 incl.


Course Description

  • As a public servant, one of your key tools is the ability to present and engage in effective oral briefs. You should take this webinar if you wish to expand on this key skill.
  • Briefings on Demand Part 2: Oral Briefs is a half-day webinar that offers you the information and tips on how oral briefs support your senior decision-makers. You will explore skills like how to prepare for and deliver an oral brief, and how to respond to unexpected questions and challenges.
  • This is an interactive webinar where you will have the opportunity to learn from the experiences of public service executives and discuss your own real-life oral briefing challenges.
  • During the webinar, participants will have the opportunity to practice an oral briefing.
  • You should attend this webinar if you are a public servant at any level of government and experience who would like to improve your oral briefing skills.
  • While both webinars can be taken as stand-alone offerings, Briefings on Demand Part 2: Oral Briefs is a newly designed companion-piece to the Briefings on Demand Part 1: Written Briefs.

Learning Objectives:

  • You will learn how oral briefs play a key part in public service decision-making 
  • You will explore key tips for understanding your audience and what they need from an oral brief. 
  • You will practice and explore how to structure and prepare for an oral brief. 
  • You will enjoy opportunities to discuss your own oral briefing challenges. 
  • You will have the opportunity to practice a short oral brief for presentation during the webinar. 
  • You will receive advice and suggestions following the practice or your oral brief.