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Applied Governance Tools

This section includes proprietary governance tools based on our three decades of experience. Principles-based yet practical, these diagnostic and assessment tools can help improve your organization’s governance.

Government Assessment Framework

The Four Pillars

Today’s governance environment is increasingly complex. Public organizations must be adaptive in the face of change, innovative in addressing complex, cross-cutting challenges, and responsive and collaborative to deliver outcomes that build citizen trust. But what exactly is good governance and how can your organization achieve it? We’ve distilled the four pillars of good governance – each of which follows recognized good governance principles:


Governance Assessment Framework

Applied Governance Case Studies


Case Study: Evaluating Proposed Amendments to Maritime Legislation Posted March 18th, 2024

Summary: The IOG was engaged to provide a governance assessment of proposed amendments to a proposed piece of maritime legislation…


Case Study: Designing Governance Options for Open Banking Implementation Posted March 18th, 2024

Summary: The global economy is rapidly transforming and with those rapid technological changes have come different expectations on the financial…


Case Study: Enhancing Multi-Stakeholder Distributed Governance Posted March 18th, 2024

Summary: The IOG was commissioned by a federal department to undertake a review of one of its Federal-Provincial-Territorial forums for…


Case Study: Governance for Innovation and Research (I&R) Posted March 18th, 2024

Summary: Innovation and research play pivotal roles in fostering economic growth, societal advancement, and competitive advantage. This case study sets…


Case Study: Stronger Internal Governance for a New Regional Development Agency Posted March 18th, 2024

Summary: This case study explores the IOG’s approach to developing an optimal internal governance structure for a new regional development…