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Case Study: Governance for Innovation and Research (I&R)

Summary: Innovation and research play pivotal roles in fostering economic growth, societal advancement, and competitive advantage. This case study sets out our approach to developing a governance model for driving innovation and research within a particular province. Through comprehensive stakeholder engagement initiatives and examination of other provincial governance models, the IOG crafted a specific new innovation and research governance model with KPIs and an implementation plan for the government.


The development of a new governance model for innovation and research for the province involved a systematic approach:

  1. Stakeholder Engagement: Extensive stakeholder engagement initiatives were undertaken to solicit input and gather insights from diverse stakeholders, including government agencies, research institutions, industry representatives, and community organizations.
  • Synthesis of Stakeholder Insights: Stakeholder feedback and insights were analyzed and synthesized to identify common themes, challenges, and opportunities related to innovation and research governance.
  • Governance Model Design: Leveraging the synthesized stakeholder insights, the IOG collaborated with experts to design a governance framework that effectively addressed stakeholder needs and aligned with the province’s strategic objectives.
  • Development of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Implementation Plan: Key performance indicators were developed to measure the effectiveness and impact of the proposed governance model. Additionally, a comprehensive implementation plan was devised to guide the execution and adoption of the governance model.
  • Governance Assessment Framework: We used our proprietary analytical tools to assess organizational design to ensure that structures, processes, and practices allowed the organization to deliver on its mandate. Governance Assessment Framework pillars assessed: Staying on Mission, Delivering on Mandates, and Collaborating for Outcomes.


The development of the governance model for innovation and research yielded significant outcomes:

  1. Enhanced Stakeholder Alignment: The governance model was designed to foster greater collaboration and alignment among stakeholders.
  2. Improved Strategic Coordination: Clear roles, responsibilities, and decision-making processes delineated within the governance model.
  3. Facilitated Innovation Ecosystem Development: By providing a structured framework for governance, we aimed to facilitate the development of a vibrant innovation ecosystem conducive to fostering entrepreneurship, knowledge exchange, and technology transfer.
  4. Focused Mission: Our recommendations clarified roles, mandates, and missions for a host of I&R entities in the province.