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Case Study: Evaluating Proposed Amendments to Maritime Legislation

Summary: The IOG was engaged to provide a governance assessment of proposed amendments to a proposed piece of maritime legislation that would impact various stakeholders including government bodies, industry players, international partners, and citizens. We assessed these amendments against best practices, norms, international standards, and business case considerations to make applied recommendations.


The comprehensive governance assessment included the following components:

  1. Documentary review: a detailed of existing legislation, the proposed amendments, and their governance implications.
  2. International benchmarking:  comparative analysis against best practices from international jurisdictions.
  3. Stakeholder interviews: a series of in-depth interviews with key stakeholders to gain greater insights and understand their governance needs.
  4. Governance Assessment Framework: We used our proprietary analytical tools to assess organizational design to ensure that structures, processes, and practices allowed the organization to deliver on its mandate. Governance Assessment Framework pillars assessed: Delivering on Mandates, Building People Capacity, and Collaborating for Outcomes.


The governance assessment culminated in a comprehensive report comprising insights from documentary reviews, stakeholder interviews, and international benchmarking. The recommendations offered were informed by a synthesis of these findings, aiming to ensure that the proposed amendments align with best practices, norms, international standards, and address the varied needs of stakeholders.