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3 Hours

Policy 4: Innovation in Policy-Making and Behavioral Insights

In this concluding webinar of our Policy series, dive into cutting-edge policy-making techniques rooted in human-centered design and behavioral insights, often known as "Nudge." Immerse yourself in hands-on exploration of innovative policy strategies and discover how to effectively apply behavioral insights to your own projects.

25 June 2024

3 hours, 01:00 PM EDT - 04:00 PM EDT


  • $390.00 incl. Tax
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Innovation can mean many things in policy-making, and in this webinar we look at human-centred design, and the innovative thinking techniques that allow you to incorporate diverse perspectives, inclusive design techniques, and behavioural insights into your policy work.


Certificate in Policy and Governance

This course is part of the Certificate in Policy and Governance offered by the institute. While there are no formal prerequisites for this course, we highly recommend that you consider taking the preceding courses or familiarizing yourself with their content. This background knowledge will greatly enhance your learning experience. Please be aware that the instructor may not revisit these earlier topics in order to allocate ample time for the current material.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand innovative thinking and emotional intelligence as a policy skill.
  • Explore human-centred design techniques, in particular design thinking.
  • Learn about the key “biases” that make up Behavioural Economics and learn how to use the insights gained through these psychological biases to understand policy challenges and formulate solutions that produce the desired results.