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4 hours

Appearing Before a Parliamentary Committee

IOG's Customized Course for Senior Public Servants

4 June 2024

3 hours, 30 minutes, 04:30 PM - 08:00 PM

Ottawa Institute on Governance, Classroom 2

  • $1,950.00 incl. Tax

  • 60 George St.
  • Ottawa
  • Ontario
  • K1N 1J4
  • Canada

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What you will learn

Senior public servants are often summoned to testify before a House of Commons or Senate committee. This is an essential part of the accountability role the executive branch of government must perform with Parliament. Our half-day customized training course is designed to give you and your colleagues a strong basis of preparation and confidence for testifying in front of a Parliamentary Committee.

    • How Parliamentary committees work
    • The roles of the committee chair, clerk, and both government and opposition MPs
    • The accountability of ministers and public servants to Parliament
    • The procedures and politics of committee appearances
    • How to testify, what to say, and how best to say it
    • Practical guidance and tips for a successful committee appearance

The IOG advantage

    • You will be taught by former senior public servants who have actual committee testimony experience
    • You will hear ‘how it really works’ from either a sitting government or opposition MP or a recently retired MP
    • You will engage in an interactive mock-testimony session in a committee format with your colleagues
    • You will watch an actual case study testimony, dissected for you to show the real-life dynamics of committee testimony

Who should take this course

  • ADMs, DGs, and senior EX-level public servants who may be called upon to testify before a Parliamentary committee as part of their responsibilities
  • Parliamentary affairs units and officials involved in preparing departmental colleagues for committee appearances
  • Communications officials who must prepare or respond to committee appearances by departmental colleagues
  • Political staffers who may be called to testify