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3 hours

Leadership and Resilience

This webinar will help you get a handle on your stress points and get you to think about what needs to be done to improve your personal resilience to deal with the day to day grind and the stress that goes with it.

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Course Description

  • As a leader, you must become aware you must understand your own stress triggers and resiliency traits in order to be able to assist others;
  • Learn the traits of highly resilient leaders and their impact on your behavioural, physical and emotional health;
  • Learn how to modify your behaviors to enhance your own resilience.
  • You should attend Leadership and Resilience if you want to improve your personal and organizational leadership skills in times of change, crisis or hardship.

Learning Objectives:

  • You will explore and understand the definition and sources of personal resilience, drawing on fundamental leadership skills as communication, trust, honesty and confidence. 
  • Learn a concrete approach to enhance your own resilience. 
  • You will gain tools and techniques to apply in difficult situations to build confidence, control and trust.