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3 hours

Digital Government

Master the essentials of digital government, data science, global trends, technology policies, innovation, ethics, and remote team collaboration in this comprehensive course.

26 June 2024

3 hours, 01:00 PM EDT - 04:00 PM EDT


  • $390.00 incl. Tax
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Prepare to embark on a transformative journey through the realm of digital government. Led by IOG Associate and Digital Government expert Ryan Androsoff, this course offers a holistic overview of the digital landscape in government, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the digital era. Here's what you can expect:

  • Digital Government Overview: Gain a solid foundation in digital government concepts, understanding their significance in the contemporary public sector.
  • An Introduction to Digital Government Trends in Canada and Around the World: Explore the latest trends in digital government practices, both nationally and globally, to stay at the forefront of innovation.
  • Innovation, Culture Change, and Building a Modern Digital Team: Discover how to foster innovation, drive cultural change, and assemble a dynamic digital team capable of propelling government functions into the future.
  • Impacts of New Technologies and Ways of Working: Explore considerations around how disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and the Metaverse may impact your work in the public service and how organizations are adapting to distributed workteams, which have become increasingly prevalent in the digital age. .

By the end of this masterclass, you'll be well along on your journey to adapt to the dynamic digital landscape in government while embracing a digital-first mindset. Join us and be a trailblazer in the digital government revolution!

Learning objectives

  • Understand Digital Government Concepts: Grasp the fundamental concepts and principles of digital government, including its importance in modern governance.
  • Analyze Global Digital Government Trends: Explore and analyze digital government trends in Canada and worldwide, enabling you to adapt to evolving practices and technologies.
  • Promote Innovation and Cultural Change: Learn strategies to foster innovation and drive cultural change within government organizations, leading to increased adaptability and modernization.
  • Build and Lead a Modern Digital Team: Develop the skills necessary to assemble and lead a forward-thinking digital team that can drive government initiatives effectively.
  • Adopt a Digital-First Mindset: Embrace a digital-first mindset, enabling you to proactively lead digital government initiatives and transformations.
  • Stay Informed and Adaptive: Develop a continuous learning approach to stay informed about emerging digital government trends and remain adaptive in your role.