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3 hours

How Government Works

If you work in government or in an organization that often deals with government, this webinar is a must-take to guide you through the structures, players and processes that make up government.

29 May 2024

3 hours, 01:00 PM EDT - 04:00 PM EDT


  • $390.00 incl. Tax
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As a public servant, you work in a huge and complex organization to deliver public policies and services. In this course, we make sure you understand the institutions, the key players and the processes that make up modern complex government.  We set out the core constitutional and institutional foundations, and how decisions are made. We will discuss not just how things are organized but why, and what that means for you and your work.


Certificate in Policy and Governance

This course is part of the Certificate in Policy and Governance offered by the institute. 


 Learning Objectives:

  • You will learn about the major structures, institutions, roles and key players in government, and the three branches of government.
  • You will understand the constitutional foundations, the division of powers and the concept and practice of responsible government.
  • You will understand the roles and functions of the Central Agencies.
  • You will learn about the functions of the Executive Branch, including the Cabinet and individual Ministers, mandate letters, the public service and political staff.
  • You will understand the foundations of good governance.