Delivering results has
never been more complex.

As the challenges of tomorrow multiply, so do the opportunities to distinguish yourself and enhance your career in the public service through professional development.

That’s where we come in.

Personalized leadership and professional development courses – developed and tested, to best serve your needs – are delivered by our experts and former senior public servants.

You will benefit from a lifetime’s worth of lessons and learnings. You will also get up to speed with leading-edge policies, practices, and approaches through our leadership programs and professional development services.

Our program experts will work with you and your organization to:

  • Understand your needs and objectives
  • Deliver a customized curriculum to realize your goals
  • Measure your results

IOG’s comprehensive public sector leadership and learning, research, and advisory services allow us to offer what others cannot: practical learning and real results that you can track every step of the way. We offer an in-house plan that covers everything you’ll need to know about leadership and good governance.

Leadership Programs

IOG Courses

Working with
Leading Organizations

Self-Awareness Tools

Along with top-notch group learning, we are proud to offer world-class individual self-awareness tools to further your individual development – as a professional and as a person.

  • SCHOR 360
  • Insights Discovery
  • Emotional Intelligence with EQ-Map
  • Improving Resiliency
  • Change Style Indicator


Reach out to us directly with the courses you’re considering, and together we’ll will craft a learning plan that meets your goals and budget.

Custom Learning

Some learning is best done in teams – that’s why our customized learning programs start with understanding you and your organization, and ends with a tailored, measurable approach to fulfil your mandate.   

Our customized learning program is the bridge that gets you from what’s happening now to what happens next.

Coaching Services

Our team of trained and skilled professional coaches can help you build your career, manage challenges, and dive into your goals. Each session is unique and every outcome is tailored to your success.    

Get started by reaching out to our Vice President of Learning, Francois Gagnon!