Learning is at the core of our vision and helps us advance our mission

Being the pre-eminent, independent Canadian source of knowledge, research and advice on public governance and its continuous improvement means that we are continuously learning from our research and experience and using those lessons to help you optimize your personal and organizational performance.

The IOG has a standing offer under ProServices in Stream 8.7 (Leadership Development Consultant) and Stream 9 (Business Consulting/Change Management).

Responding to a new Government

Prime Minister Trudeau has signalled that he sees the public service as a ‘partner’ and that he wants it to both improve service and support informed policy making. The IOG can help your team prepare for this new environment with updated courses on policy development, how government works, briefing for results, science and policy and how the Cabinet submission process works, to name just a few.

Access our leading expertise through our learning products

We have developed a wide range of learning products that give you the knowledge and tools you need to be successful in an environment where change is the only constant. We offer an Executive Leadership Program, leadership boot camps, day courses and custom courses. All of our learning products are developed, tested and taught by former senior public servants and reflect the most up-to-date knowledge of policies, practices, structures and the true functioning of the enterprise.

Our learning products address your specific needs

Our courses and leadership programs draw on our research, our experience, action-oriented case studies and exercises with the goal of providing both insights and practical tools that enhance learning from concept to solution and inspire transformative change. Our learning products include:

Executive Leadership Programs More >

Our Executive Leadership Programs are a response to the changing public sector world in which we live. Over the course of a year participants develop the applied strategic and tactical know-how needed to meet the leadership challenges of an increasingly complex public sector shaped by globalization, digital technologies and shifting demographics. Learn more about our Executive Leadership Program.

Leadership Boot Camps More >

Our two-day Boot Camps prepare you to take on greater responsibilities within your functional community be it science-policy, communications, policy, human resources, comptrollership (audit and finance), evaluation or information technology. Learn more about our Leadership Boot Camps.

Day Courses More >

We offer a suite of open enrollment day-long courses that help public servants successfully navigate the system. They cover a wide range of topics including how government really works, emerging policy development tools and processes (e.g. behavioral economics), how to brief with impact and more. Browse our courses.

Central Agency Bundle More >

All public servants need to understand the processes that drive the Cabinet and Central Agencies. These three courses will prepare you for working in, and dealing with, Cabinet and Central Agency processes and processes. Learn more about our Central Agency Bundle.

Mastering the Essentials of Government Bundle More >

These three courses focus on the critical elements of government every public servant should know. Participants will acquire specific skills so that hone their effectiveness and their survival skills. Learn more about our Mastering the Essentials of Government Bundle.

Policy Bundle More >

Our “policy bundle” attracts a wide range of public servants who want to review policy fundamentals, better deal with current policy challenges and focus on the more advanced dimensions of policy development. Learn more about our Policy Bundle.

Results and Performance Bundle More >

These three courses, taken together will prepare public servants tasked with any aspect of Results and Delivery to proactively prepare to meet the needs of the government. Learn more about our Results and Performance Bundle.

Science in Government More >

The IOG will help your organization gain the advantage of strong, integrated, results-oriented science capacity that supports your organizational mission, mandate and operational objectives. In this context, “science in government” relates to all departments and all staff involved in science that support policy development; regulatory development and enforcement; development of new knowledge; development of new technology; and development of new tools. Learn more about Science in Government.

Custom Courses and Coaching Services More >

We customize our course content to meet the unique needs of any federal, provincial, territorial, or municipal department or agency. Customized courses can save you money while addressing your particular objectives, history, stakeholders, personalities and culture. All of our customized courses are informed by our extensive research in all areas of management, leadership and governance. Learn more about customizing courses at the IOG.

The IOG offers coaching to executives and officers at all levels of government, the private and the not-for-profit sectors to further develop their leadership skills. Our coaching services are available in both French and English and rates are identified on a case-by-case basis. Learn more about our coaching services.

NFP Board Leadership More >

NFPs are refered to under law as Public Purpose organizations for a reason; it is recognized that governments (National, Provincial & Municipal) cannot do everything and as such, legislation exists for groups of people within society to come together to form organizations to fill the gaps where governments fall short or are unable to work.

The Board of Directors (with the CEO as an Non-Voting member) is the responsible group for the governance of any NFP; and with that responsibility is ultimately legally accountable for the organization as a whole under the law.

While many organizations can and do provide orientation to existing or new Board members, this orientation is often more about the functions as a Director with that particular organization and is not targeted at building capacity or the skills of individual Directors or the Board as a whole. Learn more about Board Leadership

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