Board Governance

Make your board more effective. Help your organization succeed.

Advancing your mission and vision. Living your values and principles.

If you’re a board member, whether you’re paid or volunteer, you’re busy. Every minute counts. Achieving effective board governance is a complex but necessary step towards realizing organizational goals, managing risks, and making full use of your resources.

No two organizations — or their boards — are the same. But all boards should be striving for what good governance brings.

Good governance supports great strategy and helps organizations succeed.

Optimizing your organization’s governance
means improving your organization’s ability to achieve.
Let us help!


Laura Edgar

Vice President – Board and Organizational Governance

Expertise: Board governance, civil society, adult education, facilitation, strategy  Degree(s): Bachelor of Business Administration; Master of Arts – Economics; Certificate in Intercultural Communication  Laura Edgar is a governance and development professional with over twenty years of experience. As a Vice President, she leads the Institute’s work on board and organizational governance. She has a strong professional […]

Our board governance team learned early on that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution doesn’t exist.

That’s why we approach your situation with a principle-based approach. We look at who you are, what your history brings, the resources you have at your disposal, and anything else that makes your organization truly unique.

Every IOG client has its own operational realities, personality, and history – the combination of which is its organizational DNA. It’s unique to you.

We start there.

Then, using a principles-based approach, we craft a needs-based, custom training program – just for you – and bring to bear the most relevant expertise available.

Our experts will show you how a fulsome, comprehensive approach to good board governance helps organizational leaders meet their goals.

Grow your organization with board governance best practices.

We can provide customized services like:

  • Independent governance assessments that address governance complexity and resolve conflicting interests
  • Strategy planning and expert facilitation
  • Commissioned research on current and emerging governance issues
  • Customized multi-stakeholder consultations and meetings
  • Governance tools, including bylaws, policies and terms of reference
  • Board training and member development
  • Facilitation and moderated Board workshops and retreats
  • Annual Board self-assessment exercises using interviews and survey tools
  • Support for Board recruitment initiatives

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Board Governance

Make your board more effective. Help your organization succeed. Advancing…

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Board Governance

Make your board more effective. Help your organization succeed. Advancing…

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