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Two 4-hour sessions

Metaverse 101 Workshop

Metaverse 101 Workshop

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This course has been postponed. A new date will be announced. Check back or email us at if you have further questions.

One of the biggest buzzwords in the digital technology world today is the “Metaverse”. However, you might be asking yourself: What does the Metaverse really mean? What are the implications of technologies like Virtual Reality for work and society? If these are questions that you are wondering about, then this workshop is for you!

Led by Ryan Androsoff, who chairs our popular Digital Executive Leadership Program, this Metaverse 101 workshop will give you a hands-on opportunity to experience Virtual Reality technology and learn about how it is being used today in a wide range of professional settings. Ryan and his team have been pioneers in Canada in using VR for training public sector leaders. Through two live, virtual workshop sessions as well as self-paced activities, you will learn about both the theory and concepts behind “the Metaverse” as well as have the opportunity to experience it first-hand.

You will receive a Meta Quest 2 Virtual Reality headset to use for the week of the workshop to allow you to have “hands-on” experience with this rapidly evolving technology. Sign-up today for this unique, interactive learning experience and get ahead of the curve in understanding what the Metaverse and VR technology might mean for the future of your work!

More Info

Workshop Schedule -- Date to Be Announced

The workshop program will consist of the following components:

Live Webinar Part 1: Date to be announced, 1:00-5:00pm ET

Self-Directed Virtual Reality Activities: Dates to be announced.

Live Webinar Part 2: Date to be announced, 1:00-5:00pm ET

Note: there will be an optional onboarding session for getting the VR headset set-up offered in advance of the workshop.

Program Cost

The program cost for this workshop is $950.00 per person. This includes use of a Meta Quest 2 Virtual Reality headset for the duration of the workshop sessions.

Equipment will be shipped to and from participant’s homes via courier service which IOG will arrange. Group and individual onboarding sessions for using the Virtual Reality headset will be provided.

Alumni of the Digital Executive Leadership Program will receive a $100 discount.

Note: as a non-profit organization, the IOG does not charge HST.