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3 hours

Conflict Management

Identify, explore, and practice key skills that you can use in managing conflict in relationships and situations at work.

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  • Designed for public servants, this half-day webinar will help you learn about and identify key tools in managing conflict in relationships and situations at work.
  • With experienced facilitators and active practice, you will understand and analyze your own responses to conflict in your workplace and how you can learn to manage and become more comfortable dealing with conflict.
  • The Conflict Management webinar is a safe and confidential space for you to gain the skills and confidence to deal with difficult situations and foster healthy and productive workplace relationships.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand of how and why conflict management is a core skill of effective public servants 
  • Learn to identify and understand the sources of conflict in your workplace 
  • Explore different approaches to conflict management depending on the importance of the goals and the relationship