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6 Mandatories and 3 Electives

Certificate in Front-Line Leadership

This comprehensive program is designed specifically for emerging and existing frontline leaders who are committed to enhancing their leadership and management skills. The course provides practical insights and tools for embracing the multifaceted roles of a frontline leader, applying situational leadership principles, understanding emotional intelligence, and mastering personal and team management skills. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, participants will

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Learning Objectives:

By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize and perform the roles and responsibilities of a frontline leader effectively.
  • Apply situational leadership styles to various team dynamics.
  • Understand the significance of emotional intelligence in leadership and enhance their own emotional competencies.
  • Develop strategies to improve personal effectiveness and confidence as a manager.
  • Employ practical techniques for time management, workload management, and prioritization to optimize team performance.
  • Set and achieve realistic personal development goals through a structured 21 Day challenge.

Course Content:

  1. The Three Hats of Leadership:
  • Leadership as a supervisor, manager, and governance authority.
  • Balancing the dual roles of leading and being a team member.
  1. Knowing Yourself as a Leader:
  • Enhancing personal effectiveness and self-awareness.
  • Developing an authentic leadership style rooted in personal values and competencies.
  • Role as a communicator and strategies for self-care and continuous growth.

Core Skills Developed:

Prioritization and Time Management: Techniques to set priorities and manage time effectively for oneself and the team.

Workload Management: Strategies to handle and delegate tasks efficiently.

Self-improvement: Continuous personal development through self-assessment and targeted improvement techniques.

Teaching Methods:

The program utilizes a variety of teaching methods suitable for adult learning, including:

  • Interactive Lectures: Engage with core concepts through concise, targeted lectures.
  • Case Studies and Real-Life Examples: Learn from real-world applications of leadership principles.
  • Group Discussions and Role Plays: Enhance understanding through peer interaction and practice.
  • Self-Assessments and Reflective Exercises: Foster self-awareness and personal goal setting.


3 hours, including brief breaks to maintain engagement and facilitate learning absorption.

This program aims at equipping frontline leaders with the essential skills and insights needed to excel in their roles and drive their teams toward success. Participants will leave the webinar with actionable strategies and a clear path for their personal development in leadership.