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IOG Supports Canada’s Parliamentary Internship Programme

The IOG is proud to be sponsoring the Parliamentary Internship Programme’s upcoming Gaboury Symposium, as well as the Alfred Hales Prize for top research papers about Canada’s parliamentary democracy.  

The Parliamentary Internship Programme is a unique non-partisan program that brings a cohort of young professionals to Ottawa for an action-packed year working for two Members of Parliament – one from the government and one from the opposition. As part of the program, the interns write a novel research paper about an element of Parliament or Canadian politics of their choosing. The paper is informed by their first-hand experience of Canada’s parliamentary system of government.

The IOG is pleased to be attending this year’s Gaboury Symposium as a sponsor of the event. The Symposium is an opportunity for the current interns to discuss their nearly finished draft papers. IOG’s President and CEO, David McLaughlin, will present the Alfred Hales Prize for the best paper from the previous cohort and moderate a panel featuring current interns whose research focuses on caucus and party dynamics. Thank you to the interns for their contributions to building a richer understanding of Canada’s governance and parliamentary institutions!