The contract (or compact) between science and society is changing. The interface between science, innovation, and policy making must change, too.


Note: Cohort 7 will launch in the fall. Contact us at registration@iog.ca if you have any questions at this time before we open registration.

This is a time for leadership in science and innovation.

The contract (or compact) between science and society is changing. The interface between science, innovation, and policy making must change, too.

If your work touches on science, innovation, and/or policy development and you’re finding yourself needing new tools to lead through the times, then the virtual Leadership Development Program in Science and Innovation (LDPSI) is for you.

The program is delivered in three modules – Governance in Canada; Science, Innovation, and Society; and Leadership – with a group project, on-demand support, and coaching and mentoring.

LDPSI is delivered in partnership with the Canadian Science Policy Centre (CSPC) and as a program participant, you will receive a free conference pass to the annual CSPC conference.

This program will develop your leadership competencies in:

  • Understanding the ‘cultures’ of science, innovation, and policy-making
  • Analyzing interpersonal skills
  • Synthesizing research
  • Managing expert communities
  • Communicating scientific knowledge
  • Advising policy makers
  • Engaging citizens and stakeholders


IOG Team

Jeff Kinder

Executive Director, Science and Innovation

Expertise: Science and Innovation  Degree(s): PhD Public Policy; MA Science, Technology and Public Policy; BS Physics  Jeff has over 30 years’ experience in government science, technology and innovation policy in the US and Canada. His US experience includes the National Science Foundation, the National Academies and the Naval Research Laboratory.  In Canada, Jeff has worked at Industry Canada, Natural Resources […]


Rhonda Moore

Senior Practice Lead, Science & Innovation

Expertise: science and innovation, science communications, facilitation  Degree(s): Bachelor of Public Relations (BPR), Mount Saint Vincent University, Masters in Science, Technology and Innovation Studies (MSc), University of Edinburgh  For almost 20 years, Rhonda Moore has worked at the intersection of communications, research, and policy analysis and development. At that intersection, Rhonda has sought out opportunities to build relationships, to […]


Karen Dodds

Associate, Faculty

Karen Dodds retired in 2016 after a 32-year career in the public service. She built on her basic background in science research, developing expertise in regulation, legislation, operations, and policy. Karen retired as Assistant Deputy Minister, Science & Technology Branch, Environment and Climate Change Canada. That branch was responsible for research and monitoring in the […]


Geoff Munro

Associate, Faculty

Geoff Munro was the Chief Scientist of NRCan (retired Dec 2013) and in this capacity advanced the work of the departmental Science and Technology Board and helped to drive the corporate priority of “Mobilizing our Science & Technology”. Mr. Munro was first appointed Chief Scientist at NRCan in 2007 and carried out this role while […]


More Info

Unless otherwise communicated, this program will be delivered in a virtual environment to respect public health advice. However, going virtual does not mean you lose out on the value of face-to-face learning. Unlike traditional e-learning courses, the LDPSI is highly interactive and our instructors will ensure you get the most of your experience. 


The IOG Difference 

The IOG is the only think tank in Canada that puts science and innovation at the core of public policy discussions.  

Our team is uniquely equipped to help you understand science and innovation policy, and to help you communicate scientific research and innovation in plain language that’s accessible to everyone.


Program Cost

Government and corporate organizations:  $7,900

Any government or corporate organization that submits two or more nominations in one cohort:  $6,500

Discount rates available for participants from academia and non-profit organizations.   

Includes course tuition, course materials, online tools used during the course, registration to the annual Canadian Science Policy Conference, group mentoring and one-on-one coaching.

Location: You can access the LDPSI across a network of virtual platforms and tools, all of which can be accessed from home, the office, or at any convenient location.

As a not-for-profit, the IOG does not collect HST. Discounted rates available for non-profit organizations.

*Note: Pricing is subject to change for upcoming cohorts -- particularly if sessions are hosted in-person. Contact us at registration@iog.ca if you have any questions.