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Guy Boyd

Guy Boyd


Guy Boyd has broad federal public service experience having worked in six different departments in such varied functions as: policy development; planning, reporting, and performance measurement; business case development; provision of advice to ministers and deputy heads; quasi-judicial case management; operational and corporate management; and, training design and delivery (including a stint at the Canada School where he revised and delivered its popular course How Ottawa Works).

Of particular relevance to Central Agency courses, Guy worked for over ten years at the Treasury Board Secretariat as a program sector analyst, director, and executive director. During this time he reviewed and developed advice to ministers on over 500 Treasury Board submissions; worked with other Central Agency colleagues on government-wide initiatives, such as the response to the terrorist events of 9-11, the Economic Action Plan to address the financial crisis of 2008-2009, and various Memoranda to Cabinet; assessed and found solutions to departmental funding pressures and management challenges; and, led Treasury Board Secretariat assessment of program and spending reviews such as the Deficit Reduction Action Plan and Strategic Reviews.  Guy was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012 in recognition of this work.

Recently retired from the Public Service, Guy remains passionate about public administration and the constructive contributions all public servants can make on behalf of Canadians. To this end, as a consultant and certified coach, he now focuses on supporting public servants through:

  • Coaching current and aspiring public service executives (primarily through the Public Service Commission’s Executive Counselling Services) in areas such as career planning, miscellaneous personal and management issues, and competition preparation
  • Developing, customizing, and delivering training and development courses and materials
  • Writing and developing Treasury Board Submissions, planning documents, reports, and business cases of all kinds
  • Helping managers and their teams develop written briefing skills