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Bryn Hamiliton

Bryn Hamiliton

VP, Public Sector Governance

Bryn Hamilton is the Vice President, Public Sector Governance at the IOG. She is a dynamic and results-oriented professional with over two decades of experience in strategic leadership, board governance, government relations, and coalition building. With a steadfast commitment to building transparency, accountability, efficiency, and effectiveness in public service delivery, Bryn has significantly contributed to the advancement of public sector governance. Throughout her career she has been dedicated to supporting public organizations achieve operational excellence by linking strategy to practical actions and solutions, navigating complex political environments, and influencing key policy agendas.

As the former interim CEO and Director of Governance at the Association of Family Health Teams of Ontario (AFHTO), Bryn led large-scale health system transformation initiatives, implemented province-wide performance improvement programs, and provided one-on-one board training and facilitation to non-profit healthcare boards across Ontario. In these roles, Bryn brought a wealth of experience in board governance, offering strategic direction and effective oversight to ensure organizational success. In her pursuit of building better boards that make better decisions, she offers a variety of practical tools, templates and training resources to aid the effective delivery of good governance practices.

In addition to professional achievements, Bryn serves as a Barrie City Councillor. This role provides a deep understanding of current governance issues and trends, and the need for excellence in directorship at both the provincial and municipal levels.

Bryn holds a Master’s Degree, is a certified Project Management Professional and has formal training in collaborative governance. This educational foundation, combined with practical experience, underpins Bryn’s expertise in steering public sector organizations through complex regulatory environments, driving collaborative and integrative governance practices, and identifying opportunities for innovation and improvement.