Indonesian Leaders visit IOG for Governance Training

In June, the IOG provided advanced training in democratic governance to fourteen Indonesian University leaders. The purpose of the initiative was to educate and to provide support for institutes of higher learning working towards better governance and higher levels of civic engagement. The attendees included senior members from UNI Alauddin, Makassar (UIN-M) Sunan Ampel State Islamic Institute (IAIN-S), Surabaya, and the Ministry of Religious Affairs. The Indonesian students spent six days in Ottawa in the classroom, followed by seven days… Read more

Policy Brief No. 31: How to Improve First Nations Housing

This policy brief explores the current state of housing in Canada’s First Nations and its underlying governance challenges. Looking at international experiences, as well as effective First Nation housing programs already in place across Canada, it recommends a new option for dealing with the current housing crisis. The proposed “accreditation” system would address the underlying political dynamic of on reserve housing, and offer qualifying First Nation communities a reduced reporting burden and financial incentives from both the government and the… Read more

CityScapes Roundtable No.3: Cities: Still Running on Empty

The third session of CityScapes Roundtable Program featured Don Drummond, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist at TD Bank Financial Group. He presented some ideas on the financial situation of Canadian municipalities and discussed what federal, provincial and local governments can do to help remedy the situation. Noting the need for these three levels of government to interact, Mr Drummond also examined some governance challenges that must be addressed. In the discussion that followed, participants debated the merits of various… Read more

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