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Our virtuous circle of research, advisory and learning

A safe space for discussion and sharing of ideas

Our business driven and practical approach

Our virtuous circle of research, advisory and learning

Our leading expertise is rooted in the balanced growth of our research, advisory and learning activities. This “virtuous circle” means that you benefit from a strong applied research focus that strengthens our ability to provide advisory services and informs our learning products; advisory services that shape our research and leverage our learning programs; and learning products that are based on evidence and experience. Learn more about our research, advisory services or learning products.

A safe space for discussion and sharing of ideas

Our Executive Leadership Program, leadership boot camps, day courses, and custom courses are designed to be safe spaces for dialogue and sharing ideas. They are informed by our research and advisory services, and developed, tested and taught by former senior public servants. Learn more about learning opportunities at the IOG.

Our business driven and practical approach

We recognize the importance of connecting vision to strategy in a way that aligns internal service delivery with the evolving expectations of citizens. We bring both the first hand knowledge and passion required to improve the way public services are delivered to and accessed by citizens. Learn more about us.

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Register today for our Digital Governance Forum on January 28th-29th in Ottawa. Early bird pricing ends January 9th!

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Defining Westminster Democracy for the Digital Era

Canada is evolving: government must do the same… Westminster parliamentary democracies like Canada’s are widely credited with a high capacity to adapt to changing societal needs. Their ability to adapt to the realities of a digital society is putting this claim to the test in Canada. Westminster was not designed with the digital era in mind. As we like to put it at the Institute on Governance, “Two forces – digital and governance – are meeting like tectonic plates, shifting… Read more

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Jan 12, 2015

Leveraging your leadership style to improve performance

Time: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Location: 60 George Street, Ottawa, ON
Event Type: Course

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