Empowering Excellence in the Public Sector: The IOG Policy and Governance Learning Certificate

Elevate your expertise with the IOG’s Policy and Governance Learning Certificate

Are you ready to embark on a journey of professional growth to advance your role in the public sector? The Institute on Governance proudly presents the Policy and Governance Learning Certificate, an expertly designed Learning Certificate to enhance your knowledge, skills, and impact.

Designed for aspiring policy and program professionals

This certificate is for public servants looking to better understand and impact policy and decision-making processes. Already a policy or program professional or looking to enter the field? The IOG Policy and Governance learning certificate is for you.

Comprehensive, yet personalized

Our series of online training webinars have all been updated. With thirteen meticulously crafted virtual training webinars at your disposal, you can shape your own learning journey.

  • Real-world Relevance: The training is pragmatic, engaging, and that is designed to always reflect and adapt to the evolving landscape of public policy.
  • Personalized Learning: Choose individual courses to align with your specific professional and growth objectives, and fit your schedule and training plan.
  • Practical Proficiency: Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in your role while enhancing your confidence as a public sector professional.
  • Reward and Recognition: Follow our carefully designed sequence of webinars and get recognized with the IOG’s Policy and Governance Learning Certificate.

Recognition for your Learning Achievements: Certificate in Policy and Governance

Complete all core webinars and three electives to earn your Certificate in Policy and Governance—in recognition of your commitment to excellence. Participate in a graduation celebration with your peers to mark your achievement.

Core Webinars:

  • How Government Works
  • Modern Public Sector Governance
  • Policy 1: The Policy Cycle and Your Role as a Policy Analyst
  • Policy 2: Evidence Based Policy and Environmental Scanning
  • Policy 3: Policy Formulation and Policy Advice
  • Policy 4: Innovations in Policy-Making

Elective Webinars: Tailored Learning Experience

  • Briefings on Demand – Written Briefings
  • Briefings on Demand – Oral Briefings
  • Memorandum to Cabinet
  • Treasury Board Submissions
  • Expenditure Management Systems
  • Digital Governance
  • Project Management

Elevate Your Career

Elevate your career and amplify your impact through the IOG’s Policy and Governance Learning Certificate.

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