Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts with specialization in English Literature and a minor in Feminist and Gender studies, Masters of Social Sciences in Feminist and Gender studies. Both from the University of Ottawa.  

Certification(s) & designation(s): 

Currently, Shelby Villeneuve Torres is working towards the completion of a Master’s degree in Feminist and Gender Studies at the University of Ottawa. She presently occupies an analyst role at the Institute on Governance where she  conducts analytical research, drafts deliverables and provides support on a project exploring the ties between trust, democracy and social media.  

Shelby began her career at Crown Indigenous Relations Northern Affairs Canada (CIRNAC) in 2016. During her three years, she assisted as general support to team projects, composed research summaries and projects, organized weekly newsletters amongst other tasks. Her time on the Northern Governance Branch allowed for a deep dive into learning the intricacies of governance.  

In 2019, Shelby joined the Gender Based Analysis Plus (GBA +) team at Parks Canada and worked on the program’s implementation. Shelby led and contributed to drafting, consulting and publishing internal and external documents such as the Parks Canada GBA+ Terms of Reference, Internal Communications Plan as well as Action Plan and other. While at Parks Canada, Shelby also worked closely with the LGBTQ2 chair in order to publish a departmental Trans People Integration Guide and other documents. 

Main interests include, but are not limited to: Feminist theory, politics, Modernist Literature and affect theory.