Expertise : Marketing and communications, online learning specialist 

Degree(s): BA – Sociology (Social Change) & Biology (Ecology and Conservation) 

Rebecca (Becky) is IOGs Senior Analyst in Marketing and Communications and is often the face behind the scenes of IOGs events. She works with most members of the IOG from the Learning Lab as an online learning specialist to the Area of Practice teams in their communications strategy, products and events delivery.  

Rebecca has worked on a number of IOG events and initiatives, including the 2019 Future Forum, Policy Crunch Series, Spotlight on Governance, Leading Through COVID-19 webcast series, IOG Academy, and more. 

Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Rebecca is interested in innovation, digital governance, and professional development and she is passionate about social and environmental responsibility. 

Prior to joining the Institute on Governance in January 2018, Rebecca worked for ten years in the theatre exhibition industry in guest service, management, human resources, learning events and talent development. 

A true Newfoundlander at heart, Rebecca loves exploring the outdoors and connecting with her fellow east-coasters.