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Science and Innovation Policy at the IOG

In the 21st century, science and innovation have become key issues of governance. Technological progress and scientific discovery are no longer consigned to the lab, but have become bread and butter issues for many Canadians as the impacts of disruption are felt on a daily basis. This change occurs amidst a rapid increase in the rate of discovery, a renewal of and greater horizontality in government science, and the growing pervasiveness of disruptive innovation in all facets of society. We are in the midst of a Fourth Industrial Revolution and the need for smart Science and Innovation policy has never been greater.

At the Institute on Governance, we realize that science and innovation policy are about much more than research and development. It is about reframing how science is undertaken in Canada, how discovery research has an impact on the wider community, and how complementary initiatives in support of economic growth and scientific progress can be brought into a comprehensive whole. In an era of such rapid technological progress that is bearing witness to the wholesale disruption of standing norms and institutions, getting science and innovation policy right is of critical importance.

Bringing Research into Practice

At the IOG, we believe that science and innovation policy must be guided by experienced professionals from science policy, innovation policy, cutting-edge research expertise, and a vibrant community of practice on the cutting edge. Our team includes scientists and policy practitioners representing extensive experience in government, the academy and the private sector, who work together to break down disciplinary and organizational silos to ensure optimal results. These complementary backgrounds and experiences are leveraged in all of the IOG’s Science and Innovation Policy offerings including:

For more information or to get involved, contact Jeff Kinder, Executive Director of Science and Innovation (613-562-0090 ext. 224). You can also check out the IOG's recent publications on this subject at our Research and Publications page.