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The IOG can evaluate your organization to ensure that you have a proper governance framework. 

Governance principles may have many formulations, but include the following dimensions:

  • Legitimacy and voice
  • Direction and purpose
  • Effective performance
  • Accountability & transparency
  • Fairness & ethical behaviour

Our proprietary tools, such as the Governance Scorecard® and the Governance Continuum and Autonomy Index ® can be leveraged to support your organizational objectives. Governance has many definitions, but at their most all include the following dimensions:

  • Who makes decisions? 
  • How are decisions made? (process, institutions and voice)
  • How is account rendered?  

For the Autonomy Index®, our methodology is to evaluate five (5) categories via key weighted indicators: 1. Mandate/Policy Autonomy; 2. Operational/Managerial Autonomy; 3. Appointments; 4. Reporting Oversight; and 5. Legal Personality.

The IOG Governance Scorecard® provides a more systemic diagnostic of the legal framework as well as the relationship between key public institutions; and between institutions and citizens. Many models of scorecards identify and track the progress of organizations, without a broader understanding of the environment. The IOG Governance Scorecard® recognizes that decisions involving public policy are not made in isolation of a range of factors within and outside of the formal control of a government. The IOG recognizes that all governments are facing a new, complex environment and that a broader more organic “systems-check” is a more effective way of measuring good governance. The principal drivers underlying the IOG Governance Scorecard® are as follows:

Screen Shot 2019 04 05 At 12 01 06 Pm
Screen Shot 2019 04 05 At 12 01 16 Pm

Organizations are rated as follows: 

Screen Shot 2019 04 05 At 12 01 26 Pm

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