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Transforming Public Governance in a Digital Era

Public governance is about the broader governance eco-system of a society. It is the examination of the role of institutions, citizens, civil society, norms, and processes that effect societal priority setting and service delivery. 

In Canadian jurisdictions and throughout the democratic world, public governance is undergoing significant pressure and disruptions giving rise to new risks and oversight challenges that have yet to be fully addressed by our traditional institutions, structures and practices.  At the IOG we study current trends, analyze root causes, predict emerging influences and advise practitioners on a principled path forward to achieve better outcomes for citizens.

The IOG Difference

The IOG’s Public Governance team provides advisory services, informed by deep experience and leading edge thinking, to address the full range of practical challenges that public sector organizations face, including:

Our Public Governance practice draws upon the collective experience and deep subject matter expertise of professionals with many years of senior level experience in government, including in organizational design and governance and who have provided advice to the highest levels of government.  

We integrate the IOG’s own extensive research into governance trends and use proprietary analytic tools that the Institute has developed including the Governance Continuum and Autonomy Index, and our Governance Scorecard. 

A Snapshot of our Past Work

  • capacity of the state (e.g., how centers of government function and issues of democratic and electoral reform)
  • risk management and comprehensive governance reviews
  • organizational design and mandate reviews 
  • internal and extra-organizational governance structures and processes including decision-making (e.g., committee structures and decision support)
  • management of portfolios and relationships with distributed governance organizations
  • structuring and managing horizontal initiatives and multi-jurisdictional bodies


A key mechanism for the advancement of Public Governance research and development of intellectual property is the Public Governance Exchange (PGEx), the IOG’s multi-jurisdictional syndicated, and membership-based, initiative for advancing and sharing knowledge amongst government senior executives on public sector governance. 

PGEx has analyzed distributed, horizontal and shared governance practices intensively, through quantitative and qualitative analysis of hundreds of organizations; it has also carried out significant research in the field of governance risk and oversight, and has produced numerous papers and conducted workshops to socialize its learnings.

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