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Modernizing Government to Meet the Challenges of the 21st Century

We live in an age of tremendous change, including increased complexity and uncertainty, where it is becoming abundantly clear that the traditional public institutions of the 20th century are no longer equipped to deal with the challenges of the digital age. As governance models evolve, the ability of the public sector to respond to the aspirations of elected governments and foster innovation requires new and more modern organizational structures, systems, processes and cultures.

With the benefit of our professional experience, research and thought leadership, we will advance a deeper level of understanding of the evolution of governance in the 21st century and how public institutions can evolve to meet the requirements of this new world order.

The IOG can help you successfully achieve your modernization goals through:

  • Strategy development including the development of strategic plans, business and operational plans as well as communication and engagement plans
  • Change management and organizational transformation
  • Business process mapping and transformation including LEAN
  • Citizen-centered service strategies including service integration and transformation
  • Whole system analysis including: current state and needs assessment, SWOT and gap analysis, and risk assessments
  • Results delivery support through performance management, program review and evaluation
  • Knowledge mapping and transfer to manage knowledge risks within the organization either because of demographic shifts or the uniqueness of the knowledge to the organization
  • Leadership assessment and coaching

The IOG Difference

At the IOG, our team consists of seasoned, senior level leaders with a depth of experience in strategy development, modernization, change management and transforming structures, processes, and programs. Our team of senior advisors have the expertise to work with senior leaders to effectively identify change requirements; plan change processes; assess and manage risks; develop talent
management strategies; engage key stakeholders; transform organizational culture, business lines and services; and measure and manage results. Our team helps to challenge group thinking, long held assumptions and generate solutions that respond to current and future realities and risks.

A Snapshot of our Past Work

  • The IOG has provided strategic advice on service integration and transformation for a large Canadian city.
  • The IOG conducted a large change readiness assessment and change management plan for a provincial regulatory agency that was transforming towards a risk based approach to compliance oversight.
  • The IOG advised on and supported the development of talent management strategies for a variety of federal clients.
  • The IOG developed a renewed strategic plan for a government agency.
  • The IOG undertook a change management review for a provincial education and training division.
  • The IOG is providing expert advice on fiscal federalism and decentralization for the Iraq government.
  • The IOG has supported the service transformation vision for a number of international governments.