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Characteristics of A Nation-Nation Relationship Dialogue Series in Review

The federal government has committed to pursuing a renewed relationship based on recognition, rights, respect, co-operation and partnership with Indigenous people in Canada, acknowledging this as both the right thing to do and a path to economic growth. In 2017, the Institute On Governance and Canadians for a New Partnership, with the support of a diverse group of sponsors, convened a series of dialogues across Canada to provide an open and respectful forum to articulate the characteristics of this relationship, as defined and perceived by Indigenous leaders, government department, and others with a vested interest in moving the agenda forward.

The series focused on four themes (Nation Building and Re- Building, Jurisdiction, Intergovernmental Fiscal Relationships, and Wealth Creation) and culminated in a two-day National Summit on November 27-28, 2017, wherein national Indigenous leadership, Federal and Provincial Ministers, Canadian Senators, former Prime Ministers, Indigenous youth leadership and many other leaders with a vested interest, spoke to the findings of the discussions to date, as well as their visions and expectations for the future of the Crown’s relationship with the First Peoples of Canada. In total, approximately 600 people participated in these dialogues, including Indigenous leadership, Crown government representatives and civil society participants. What has emerged is a coherent path for change based on a nation-to- nation relationship that is steeped in building on years of recommendations from other key dialogues and studies, ranging from the Section 35 debates, to Royal Commission findings, to the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action.
Each event in the series was documented through video recordings, and the findings are provided through a series of discussion papers and summary reports.


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National Summit Report and Agenda

Reports and Agendas on Dialogue Themes