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Supporting Indigenous governance, self-determination, and renewed nation-to-nation relationships

The Institute on Governance is proud of its track record in supporting Indigenous governance, self-determination, community wellbeing, and renewed nation-to-nation relationships.

Our work with organizations such as the First Nations Health Authority in British Columbia, the First Nations Financial Management Board, and National Indigenous Organizations (NIOs) on the 2017 Nation-to-Nation dialogues has demonstrated what can be accomplished by taking a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to relationship-building, and supporting Indigenous-led paths to self-determination in transition away from the Indian Act.

The IOG Difference

Moving forward, we recognize the importance of partnering with Indigenous communities and organizations in a respectful and meaningful manner, and believe that IOG is uniquely positioned to act as an objective, third-party facilitator of dialogue, policy development, and reconciliation.

Similarly, we’re able to draw on a wide network of Associates and subject matter experts to provide in-house workshops and customized training scaled to organizational needs in the areas of strategic planning for self-determination, cross-cultural engagement, community consultation, and leadership development.

Contact Us

To talk about how the IOG can support your organization’s goals and aspirations, please contact us at:

Ross Holden, A/Vice President, Indigenous Governance and Self-Determination

613-562-0090 ext. 245