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Transforming Government Practice in the Digital Era

Westminster parliamentary democracy is widely credited with a high capacity to adapt to societal evolution but its ability to adapt to the realities of an increasingly digital society is putting its adaptability to the test. Adjusting to the digital revolution has quickly become one of the central challenges facing governing institutions and societies. In an era of big data, dispersed political power and rapid disruption, the nature of authority, accountability and statecraft are in desperate need of reconceptualization.

Moving beyond digital technology to new leadership and governance

At the Institute on Governance we recognize that digital governance is about more than technological change and procurement; successful adaption of government to the 21st century will depend on an understanding of the disruptive nature of digital transformation and meaningfully incorporating it into policy and process. We sit at an historic opportunity to recast the role and responsibilities of governments, citizens and other actors where the risk of inaction is great.

Our Digital Governance team produces cutting edge research, provides advisory services, and offers timely learning opportunities for public sector leaders, all of which are informed by the IOG’s deep experience and leading edge thinking on digital affairs and government. The IOG also offers collaboration space and facilitation capacity for those looking to improve interorganizational and inter-jurisdictional governance of common issues.

Applying research to inform your decisions

Building on our past work on digital governance our current and upcoming research program focuses on areas of strategic importance selected by us in collaboration with our wide network of experts. These research areas give closer consideration to both the urgency and importance of the subjects at hand. These subject areas pertaining to digital governance and digital affairs include:

In addition to our expert-driven research agenda on digital governance, clients also commission us to conduct specific governance related research to support their work and help them achieve their objectives. Check back soon to find out more or to get involved in one of our research steering committees.

Convening Thought Leadership

Throughout the year we host a monthly installation of our Policy Crunch panel series on governance and evolving technologies. These events bring together experts from across the public sector, private industry, and world of research to provide insight on how technology is impacting public policy. Each year culminates in the Future Forum, an annual conference held each May on issues of digital government, future technologies and the evolving nature of statecraft amid an era of rapid change. The Future Forum convenes experts from across Canada for two days of panels, networking and troubleshooting issues at the forefront of government.