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Transforming Government Practice in the Digital Era

Digital governance is the central challenge facing governing institutions and societies in the coming decades where no one owns information, power is dispersed and authority and accountability need to be reconceived. 

Westminster parliamentary democracy is widely credited with a high capacity to adapt to societal evolution but its ability to adapt to the realities of a digital society is putting this claim to the test.

Moving beyond digital technology to new leadership and governance

At the Institute on Governance we recognize that the discussion must move beyond technological change to an understanding of the disruptive nature of digital transformation as an historic opportunity to recast the role and responsibilities of governments, citizens and other actors.

Our Digital Governance team provides advisory services, informed by deep experience and leading edge thinking, to address key challenges in governing in the digital age, including:

  • Changing citizen expectations demand new service models
  • Leadership skills and competencies are changing, and the gap is widening especially for security professionals
  • New regulatory requirements demand action
  • With increase in social networks, employees are now broadcasters and publishers

Applying research to inform your decisions

Building on our past work on digital governance, including the Digital Governance Partnership, our current and upcoming research focus includes:

  • Governance implications of artificial intelligence (e.g. policy applications, regulatory challenges)
  • Blockchain applications in a public sector context (e.g. e-voting)
  • Data and information governance (for policy-making, improving service delivery, reporting)
  • Closing the regulation gap (e.g. harnessing the sharing economy)
  • Evolving the Westminster system to better meet digital and shared governance needs

Clients also commission us to conduct specific governance related research to support their work and help them achieve their objectives.

Helping you understand enabling technologies

Staying ahead of today’s digital technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, the internet of things, and more is no easy feat. 

At the IOG we convene informative discussions through forums, webinars, Twitter chats and other events to bring you thought leadership, connect you with the experts, and provide case studies of those who have come before you and can share lessons learned.