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Transforming Board and Organizational Governance Practices

Organizations across the public and not for profit spheres operate in a world where pressures to be more effective, efficient, responsive and innovative are constant. For the Boards of Directors who lead these organizations, ensuring sound governance is critical to organizational success.  Effective governance ensures objectives are realized, resources are well utilized, risks are effectively managed and the interests of members and stakeholders are protected and reflected in key decisions. 

Yet achieving good governance isn’t easy.  Given the significant responsibilities associated with serving on a Board – whether private, public or not for profit - Boards, and Board members must understand their obligations and what they are (and are not) supposed to be doing. Unfortunately, Boards often struggle to both understand and properly fulfill these roles and responsibilities.  Whether the challenges lie in the Board – CEO relationship, dealing with conflicts of interest, attracting the right Board members or tackling issues of corporate risk, the road to good governance is often lined with obstacles that Boards must address in order to govern effectively.  Beyond these fundamental challenges, some organizations, and the Boards that govern them, also face additional governance challenges that extend to partnerships, shared service arrangements, mergers and amalgamations, and subsidiary governance – all of which require navigating a complex set of relationships, responsibilities and accountabilities.

The IOG Difference

We are here to help.  Our highly experienced team of consultants has over 20 years experience exploring and developing innovative approaches to responsible and responsive board and organizational governance and leadership in Canada and abroad. We have worked sector-wide in public and not-for-profit institutions and bring a full network of expert resources to everything we do. Our experience and understanding of governance across sectors allows the IOG to determine leading governance practices and share these insights with our clients.

We also recognize that there are no one-size-fits-all approach to governance.  Rather, an organization’s governance needs to take account of its particular objectives, history, stakeholders, personalities and culture. We work with our clients to understand who they are and what they want to achieve, and then facilitate learning opportunities and deliver products and services that will help them get there. 

We can help your public purpose organization by providing:

  • Independent governance assessments that address governance complexity and resolve conflicting interests
  • Strategy planning and expert facilitation
  • Commissioned research on current and emerging governance issues
  • Customized multi-stakeholder consultations and meetings
  • Governance tools, including bylaws, policies and terms of reference
  • Customized Board training
  • Facilitation and moderated Board workshops and retreats
  • Annual Board self-assessment exercises using interviews and survey tools
  • Support for Board recruitment initiatives

A Snapshot of our Past Work

  • The IOG undertook a comprehensive governance review of a child and family services agency.  The review focused on board composition, roles and responsibilities, committee structures, meeting practices, and the organization’s relationship with the provincial government.
  • The IOG supported a national not for profit organization as it renewed its board composition, including developing, in consultation with the client, a board profile, and then supporting recruitment and the shortlisting of candidates.
  • The IOG undertook a governance review of a provincial crown corporation. The purpose of the review was to ensure that the organizations governance structures, policies, and practices best meet the needs of the organization going forward, and also reflect best practices. 
  • The IOG delivered a customized one-day board governance learning program to an Ottawa-based not for profit.
  • The IOG worked with four not for profit organizations as they explored the opportunity for amalgamation and the implications for the amalgamated organization’s governance model.

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Board and Organizational Governance 
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