Advisory services are integral to our vision and help us advance our mission.

Being the pre-eminent, independent Canadian source of knowledge, research and advice on public governance and its continuous improvement means mobilizing our research and expertise to help you implement scalable and practical solutions to your governance challenges.

Access our leading expertise through our advisory services

Our highly experienced team of consultants has over 20 years experience exploring and developing innovative approaches to responsible and responsive governance and public sector leadership in Canada and abroad. We have worked sector-wide in public, private and not-for-profit institutions and bring a full network of expert resources to everything we do.

Our advisory work addresses your specific needs

Our approach takes account of your particular objectives, history, stakeholders, personalities and culture and is underpinned by our extensive research in all areas of governance. Our team could help you by:

  • Conducting comparative research, stakeholder engagement and organizational reviews that generate actionable insights you can use to improve your operations
  • Conducting policy research, bolstering your policy capacity and providing strategic advice
  • Improving your organizational effectiveness and efficiency through business process transformation
  • Supporting strategy development and strategic planning through in-depth analysis and expert facilitation
  • Determining the most effective division of responsibilities between elected and appointed officials in your department, agency or board
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of your governance systems by conducting governance assessments that address their complexity and resolve any conflicting interests
  • Designing and facilitating multi-stakeholder meetings to suit your unique needs

Current Practice Areas

While we are well positioned to provide you with advisory services across a wide variety of governance issues, our specific areas of expertise include:

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Public Governance

Public governance is about the broader governance eco-system of a society. It is the examination of the role of institutions, citizens, civil society, norms, and processes that affect societal priority setting and service delivery. Our work in this area involves studying current trends, analyzing root causes, predicting emerging influences and advising practitioners on a principled path forward.
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The structures, systems and processes typical of current governments are under pressure. The challenges of citizen involvement, technology, demographics and globalization have drastically changed expectations and governments are now seeking new ways of governing, engaging partners and delivering services. Our work in this area helps forward-looking organizations seeking advanced practices on structure, training and technology.
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Indigenous Governance and Self-Determination

Sound governance is a prerequisite for the rapid improvement of the wellbeing of Indigenous communities and citizens. Our work in this area helps Indigenous communities and organizations formulate effective governance structures that meet their needs, suit their capacities and achieve their vision. It is informed by our wealth of experience working with Indigenous communities and organizations, and with all relevant levels of government throughout the country.
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Digital Governance

Digital governance is the central challenge facing governing institutions and societies in the coming decades where no one owns information, power is dispersed and authority and accountability need to be reconceived.
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Board & Organizational Governance

Effective governance ensures objectives are realized, resources are well managed, and the interests of stakeholders are protected and reflected in key decisions. Our work in this area includes conducting board governance assessments, providing strategic advice, engaging members and designing organizations. All of our services in this area are specifically designed for not-for-profit public interest institutions.
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Science and Innovation Policy

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