Leadership and Resilience

This webinar will help you get a handle on your stress points and get you to think about what needs to be done to improve your personal resilience to deal with the day to day grind and the stress that goes with it.

3 hours

Leadership Development Program in Science and Innovation

The contract (or compact) between science and society is changing. The interface between science, innovation, and policy making must change, too.

14 Sessions over 10 weeks

Leading Through Change and Crisis

Emerge as a leader in challenging times with the tools, skills, and confidence needed to lead through major transformations and crises.

3 hours

Memorandum to Cabinet Development Process

Review and practice the process employed in the development of MCs, as well as gain an appreciation of the purpose, structure and mandate of Cabinet and its key committees.

3 hours

Metaverse 101 Workshop

Metaverse 101 Workshop

Two 4-hour sessions

Policy 1: Policy Cycle and Role of the Policy Analyst

Build the foundations and expand your knowledge as a skilled and confident policy analyst in a complex and changing policy environment.

3 hours

Policy 2: Evidence Based Policy Making

Join us for the next step in our Policy webinar series! This session is all about enhancing your policy-making skills to help you confidently navigate complex policies. We'll dive into evidence-based policy-making, environmental scanning, and effective collaboration & engagement practices.

3 hours

Policy 3: Policy Formulation and Advice

In this third step of our policy webinar series, you will gain the crucial knowledge and skills to enhance your policy-making skills and confidently navigate intricate policy paths. We will dive into diverse policy formulation models and understand the art of providing effective advice to decision-makers.


Policy 4: Innovation in Policy-Making and Behavioral Insights

In this concluding webinar of our Policy series, dive into cutting-edge policy-making techniques rooted in human-centered design and behavioral insights, often known as "Nudge." Immerse yourself in hands-on exploration of innovative policy strategies and discover how to effectively apply behavioral insights to your own projects.

3 Hours

Project Management

Set your projects up for success using a project management approach, from scoping to planning to execution and evaluation. Use the best practices with actual public sector examples.


Stepping Into the Executive Cadre

Includes a mix of in-class modules, a travel study tour, and group coaching sessions.

12 Full Day Sessions + 1 Evening

To Be or Not to Be an Executive

This three-afternoon webinar will give you insight into the world of an executive. It will enable you, in a safe space, to practice your skills and ascertain your state of readiness for the next step in your career.

3.5 hours

Understanding the Expenditure Management System

Gain practical tips and strategies for understanding, addressing and working with the reporting and accountability requirements of the current Expenditure Management System.

3 hours

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