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Public Governance Research

Meet public needs and wants guided by research, data, and facts

Take the people’s pulse to deepen understanding, build trust, and deliver brilliantly

Applied research is central to IOG’s mission and helps enhance public governance.

From environmental scans, trend analyses, and opinion research to modelling, interviews, facilitated workshops and comparative analysis, we can help you and your organization better serve the people who are counting on you.

We produce discussion papers and reports, analytical tools and models with real world applicability in advisory and teaching contexts.

We have also provided expert testimony to parliamentary committees and can help you do the same.

Featured Research

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CanGovBetter – A Governance Agenda for Canada’s Public Sector

An exploration of how public institutions can adapt to a post-COVID environment and work together to solve the challenges of today and the future.

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Top of Mind – An Annual Consultation with Today’s Public Sector Leaders

Explore the key challenges, valuable lessons and anticipated future trends facing Canada and its public institutions as seen through the eyes of senior government leaders.

Research and Publications

GSINN Literature Review

This Literature Review synthesizes findings on the implications of the

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GSINN Hindsight Report

Between December 2020 and March 2021, the IOG conducted a

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COVID-19 Challenge, Change and Innovation in Canadian Civil Society

This study set out to examine the implications of COVID-19

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Rebuilding Cohesion and Trust: Why Government Needs Civil Society

Rebuilding Cohesion and Trust: Why Government Needs Civil Society Also

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Driving Dialogue and Debate

3 minute read Social cohesion is declining in most democracies and,

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Public Service Planning for a Post-COVID-19 Environment

8 minute read Preparing for the Future while Navigating the Present

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Peace, Order and Good Government: A Primer

1 minute read One of the most significant phrases of the

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Our discrete research projects are informed by our work on key cross-cutting priority research initiatives: