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IOG is leading thinking about how digital is changing governance in Canada and beyond. We have invested in digital not only to keep current with where the world is, but to get ahead of where it is going. You can benefit, and contribute, via our digital governance practice’s research network.

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GSINN Top 10

In December 2020, the IOG launched Government Science and Innovation in

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GSINN Literature Review

This Literature Review synthesizes findings on the implications of the

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GSINN Hindsight Report

Between December 2020 and March 2021, the IOG conducted a

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COVID-19 Challenge, Change and Innovation in Canadian Civil Society

This study set out to examine the implications of COVID-19

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Rebuilding Cohesion and Trust

This report was penned by: Dr. Don Lenihan, Laura Edgar,

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Westminster Meets Digital: Understanding Our Evolving Democracy

The Westminster system of parliamentary government is widely credited with

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Westminster Meets Digital: Are We Up to the Challenge?

As originally appeared in, Policy: Canadian Politics and Policy, March-April 2016,

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Driving Dialogue and Debate

3 minute read Social cohesion is declining in most democracies and,

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Public Service Planning for a Post-COVID-19 Environment

8 minute read Preparing for the Future while Navigating the Present

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Our digital governance research explores emerging 21st century issues of governance from a range of vantage points. We produce focused, analytical insights designed for policy practitioners as well as wider intellectual contributions on the evolving nature of government. We hope these insights will help state and society to succeed by providing clarity and vision in otherwise challenging circumstances. We aim to provide a conceptual, behavioural, and institutional framework for governing in the 21st century, and to support the wider policy community in its efforts to do the same.

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