The Public Governance Exchange (PGEx) is inviting selected public sector leaders to tackle some of the most pressing governance challenges of this era.

Legislative Assembly of Ontario

The digital era represents an exponential shift in the pace of social, political and economic transformation. Government leaders must: deliver on mandates that cut across traditional lines of authority and boundaries; find ways to innovate outside traditional structures and approaches; develop well architected governance structures that are responsive to changes in their environment with continued capability for sound strategy execution; leverage platforms that enable citizens and businesses to access public programs, services and to participate in the global economy.

Never has there been more of a need for active reflection; discussions and collective solutions to today’s most pressing governance challenges. Taking the time to reflect strategically on these issues will enable leaders and their organizations to remain forward looking, agile, responsive to evolving public interest and able to deliver on their mandates.   

The Public Governance Exchange (PGEx) is the Institute on Governance’s multi-jurisdictional syndicated initiative for advancing and sharing knowledge on public sector governance.

Unique in its focus on public governance, PGEx equips senior public sector leaders and their organizations with the analysis they need to understand and address the real-world problems they face in the digital age.

The Exchange will provide a safe yet innovative space to surface trends, key risks and emerging concepts, drive research that puts current challenges under the microscope with a view to finding responses to Exchange members’ most pressing governance dilemmas.  This collective work will lead to senior level discussions and events on a range of topics which might include: governing in a world without boundaries; new approaches to public sector management that supports, models, understands and aspires to whole of government solutions; and how emerging governance solutions can drive innovation.

PGEx has analyzed distributed, horizontal and shared governance practices intensively, through quantitative and qualitative analysis of hundreds of organizations.

We have also developed proprietary analytic tools that have important practical applications for public sector decision makers. The IOG’s Governance Continuum and Autonomy Index provide a conceptual framework for depicting, assessing and planning in this shared governance ecosystem. Our Governance Scorecard provides a sophisticated, multi-dimensional tool for stress testing the effectiveness of organizational governance and the ability of organizations to function as instruments of public policy in a complex public sector ecosystem.

A New World of Risk

The governance landscape has changed dramatically in recent decades. Governance is increasingly distributed, horizontal and shared.

This is an environment of new and distinctive governance risks that often go unrecognized and unmanaged. Risk cultures differ greatly across organizations, and when hundreds of different organizations deliver public policy, the systemic risks are manifold, demanding new risk management and oversight practices.

Digitalization intensifies this reality – by disrupting traditional approaches to engagement, policy and service delivery while also increasing public expectations of  rapid, seamless and individualized service delivery, as well as enhanced practices for sharing information and engaging stakeholders. Fostering this kind of change in Canada’s Westminster system will require a culture of innovation, and with it a whole new approach to risk.

To learn more, read our PGEx discussion paper, A Risk Lens on Governance.

PGEx Membership

PGEx membership gives you and your organization access to the latest research and actionable insights on emerging governance trends.

It also provides members with powerful tools to self-assess the quality of their governance and improve the effectiveness with which they navigate the governance ecosystem.

The purpose of PGEx is not merely to deepen our collective understanding of emerging trends but to maximize the impact of that understanding by socializing our learnings among practitioners, drawing on the insights of our members, tailoring our research to their needs and experience, and ensuring that our research remains cutting edge and highly applied.

In addition to formal research and discussion papers, PGEx convenes senior practitioners and thought leaders through workshops and learning events. Current projects and activities include research on distributed governance and non-governmental organizations, discussion papers and workshops on accountability for horizontal initiatives, and a thought leaders’ forum bringing together senior officials to discuss oversight, risk management and accountability in a shared governance context.

What can you expect for your membership?

  • Ability to influence the PGEx research agenda;

  • Access to leading thinkers on public governance transformation;

  • Access to research that will help you resolve your most pressing governance challenges;

  • Two formal, senior level dinner discussions with keynote speakers drawn from around the world;

  • Specialized and tailored debriefing to senior leaders in your organization on PGEx research findings;

  • Workshop and events to further test new and emerging governance models, processes and structures;

  • Access to our annual conference.


For more information on the Public Governance Exchange or other programs and activities of the Institute on Governance, please contact: or 613-562-0090