Preparing Government for the Data and Information Needs of the 21st Century - Summary Report

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In the digital era of information superabundance, the challenge for governments is

clear: how will they put in place the processes, frameworks and capabilities to manage
this information and data so that it meets growing and complex needs and

Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Information Management/Information Technology
(IM/IT) specialists have done their best to put generic “safety net” solutions in place to
meet complex business requirements. But policy makers and program managers are
now important players in the information and data game. New, contemporary
requirements and challenges have emerged that will expand in urgency and
importance. The burning issues of government, from accountability to open government
to security and privacy, are largely contingent on the information and data insights of
program managers and policy makers.

In todayʼs data-rich world, everyone is an information steward. The traditional
mandated imperatives of technology solutions and compliance must be expanded
beyond CIOs and IM/IT specialists to those who run the business of government. Thus,
CIOs, IM/IT specialists need to collaborate with policy and program managers to find
appropriate solutions if government is to build the necessary information capacities and
change agenda for the 21st century. Consequently, the roles, responsibilities, and
accountabilities of all players must be more precisely defined, beyond those of IM/IT

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