NFP Governance Leadership: Creating A Culture Of Accessibility Taking Stock of Organizational Culture Tool

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How we individually or collectively think about, deal with or process experiences around accessibility and disability are varied. The issues can activate a variety of responses of both a personal and emotional nature. For a Board of Directors, it is important to understand where the people and systems of an organization are situated or ensconced on accessibility so you can strategize and plan effective organizational responses to ensure impact. Any change needs to be rooted in the organizational culture so that it can be sustained over time and become simply part of the way business is done.

Simply work your way through the questions individually or as a group. You may not have answers to all of the questions and that is okay, knowing the gaps in knowledge is sometimes just as important as those things we know. This exercise is designed to get you thinking about the many ways organizational culture around accessibility can be impacted by the governance decisions and potential areas for leadership for a Board of Directors in a NFP organization.

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