Executive Perspectives on Balance in Oversight and Accountability

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The Institute on Governance (IOG) is working to facilitate a dialogue on the evolving balance in accountability and oversight, reporting burden and the relationship between Agents of Parliament and the public service. The superstructure of rules, oversight and independent “guardians” has been growing since Program Review and HRDC’s grants and contributions controversy. Many of the resultant institutional arrangements and policy instruments are reaching a point of maturity.

Several years into this focus on public accountability, now is a good time to assess and reflect on the broad array of institutional arrangements in terms of their contribution to good governance, the management of the public service and the practical impact of the reporting requirement.

About the author

Marcel Chiasson

Marcel Chiasson

Senior Associate

Marcel Chiasson joined the Institute on Governance in January 2011. Prior to joining the IOG, Marcel worked for Public Works Government Services Canada  on procurement modernization and prior to that for Treasury Board Secretariat and the Correctional Services of Canada.

Marcel Chiasson is a public sector executive with thirty years of experience in operational and strategic management. He has in-depth experience in business transformation, change and governance, process improvement, performance management, horizontal reviews and acquisitions. Marcel has earned Bachelor degrees in Theology and Arts (Literature, History and Mathematics).

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