Does ‘Deliverology’ Deliver?

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The deliverology approach has been implemented in many different jurisdictions. Proponents claim that the approach significantly improves delivery of policy outcomes. Others argue that some of the claimed improvements result from “gaming” of measures, that the approach is best used in situations where government agencies are performing poorly and where short-term clearly-measured goals can be identified. Furthermore, many of the improvements noted in various jurisdictions plateau or regress over time. The evidence also suggests that significant resources are required to properly implement the approach. This report concludes that while the top-down, measurement-driven approach can be successful in the short-term, the Implementation Unit approach adopted by the UK, Australia and other jurisdictions might be a better long-term model.

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Greg Richards

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Matt Chegus

Matt Chegus is a Senior Consultant with Deloitte’s Technology Strategy and Innovation practice. He has a Bcomm. in business strategy from the University of Alberta, an MSc in innovation management from the University of Ottawa, and 5 years of consulting experience for public sector organizations. He also has a published book chapter on the use of big data and analytics in public sector organizations. Matt’s work focuses on helping organizations synergize technology and business expertise to achieve greater value from investments in advanced technology.